Man Admits To Breaking Into Same Tulsa Apartment 3 Times

Wednesday, September 27th 2017, 6:50 am
By: Justin Shrair

Tulsa police arrested a man suspected of breaking into the same apartment three times in the same month.

That family is relieved that the man accused of breaking into their home is now behind bars.

They say they will be pressing charges unless they get their stolen items back.

Ryan Cravens has been living with his wife and two young kids, in the west Tulsa area for about eight months.

He says he's never had any issues until Friday night when he says this man, broke into his house while he and his family were away. 

"The first night we came home around 10:30, they took, our LCD TV, our PS3, my PS VITA, my Nintendo DS, they took whatever they could find in the house electronically, and easy to find," Cravens said.

To make matters worse, just a few days later, he says, the same man broke into his hoME again. 

"They came back and took clothes, they went through all my stuff went through my kid's stuff, my bag," Cravens said.

Cravens said on Tuesday night he decided to have friends watch his house.

That's when he was hit again, he says by the same person.  

"Last night he went right through the side door, no remorse's didn't even look, didn't even check, and came right on through," Cravens said.

But this time, the man did not escape.

Cravens friends were able to catch this man, 20-year-old Winford Embry and hold him at gun point until Police arrived.

Court records show Embry is a convicted felon.

"He tried to escape, he ran out the house, and they grabbed him by his neck and put in him a choke hold, and drug him back," Cravens said.

And while Cravens said he believes there may have been others, he is happy his friends were able to put an end to this crime. 

"I'd really like our stuff back more than anything you know I worked hard to get all that and for somebody to come in and rip it away really makes me upset," Cravens said.

Jail records show Embry is being held on a complaint of first-degree burglary and two complaints of second-degree burglary.