Tulsa Police Officers Do Their Part In Florida

Thursday, September 14th 2017, 7:51 pm
By: News On 6

In the past few days, thousands of first responders have made their way to Florida to help those affected by Hurricane Irma, including an officer from right here in Tulsa. 

A Tulsa Police officer went to Florida this week to help people affected by Hurricane Irma. He says the devastation from this storm is nothing like he's seen before. 

Corporal Dan Miller is one of the 12 members of Tulsa's Incident Management Team in Highland County, Florida, where thousands are suffering as they recover from the hurricane's aftermath. 

"We're talking 50 or 60 miles that you come through and you see some type of damage. You realize that there's quite a bit of need for us to be down here to help." Miller said.

He showed us pictures from the city of Sebring. This is an area with catastrophic damage, limited supplies, and power outages. 

Miller said, "You've got numerous electrical pole lines completely broken in half, so the electric company is having to come in and basically rebuild the whole system."

So far he's helped provide food, water, and disaster damage assistance to more than a thousand people. 

"It rips your heart out when you've got people coming up to us thanking us for their food and then telling us we haven't had anything for 3 days since the storm hit and we lost our power," Miller said. 

While heading off to a disaster zone may seem scary, Miller said it's a rewarding experience.

"Oh, it's a wonderful feeling. That's one thing about Oklahoma. We've got the Oklahoma standard where we come together and help." He said. 

Corporal Miller will be in Florida along with the team for another week.