Tulsa Mother, Daughter Share Surviving Breast Cancer Experience

Thursday, September 14th 2017, 4:41 am

Treating breast cancer has certainly changed over the years.  Where once, a mastectomy was the main treatment, now a lumpectomy coupled with radiation is an option.

But treating breast cancer when you are pregnant becomes extremely complicated, the goal, saving mother and baby.

This is one woman's story about the miracle of life even while facing death.  

25 years ago, Gina Miller was a newlywed, looking forward to married life and within a year, found out she was expecting a baby.

It was a time filled with great joy and anticipation, until after the first trimester when Gina found a lump and the lump was breast cancer.

"I can't even explain having life and death in your body at the same time. It was, I still don't understand 25 years later," said Gina Miller, Breast Cancer Survivor.

Gina was able to have surgery but doctors said she would need chemo after the baby was born. Once Christina got here, Gina had 5 weeks to heal and then the chemotherapy began.

"My Dad always told me we kept each other alive like literally she literally kept me alive since I was completely dependent on her health but he also has always said knowing I was coming kept her alive and motivated her to survive and want to see me," said Christina Miller, Gina's daughter.

Now 25 years later, mother and daughter recognize the special bond. That's why they've been involved with the Komen Race for the Cure, when Christina was in high school all the way through college.

"So Christina's squad from Metro went and volunteered and so I was doing the Race for the Cure and it was really cool when you greeted me with the carnation when I crossed the line," said Gina Miller.

"I guess that is kind of why it was an awakening cause I really don't get emotional and I was like there's my mom and it was our story then and it's still our story now and it was our story that day finishing that race," said Christina Miller.
In college, Christina joined the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority.

"I remembered you called me and said Mom Mom the entire house was dressed in pink and breast cancer is their philanthropic cause and you were like so captivated by it," said Gina Miller.

"It made me want to be more involved in it. It made me feel more connected to it to get involved in Race for the Cure and to join Zeta Tau Alpha and go with them because I found a lot of other girls in the house had personal connections with it as well," said Christina Miller.

Together, Gina and Christina share their story with us, in hopes of encouraging others going through breast cancer.

"And it's kind of a perfect fit because it's not my breast cancer survivor story.  It's our breast cancer survivor story," said Gina Miller.

Gina said it was her faith that helped her most during this journey.  She thanks God daily for saving her life and the life of her daughter.

By the way, Thursday, September 14th is the Miller's wedding anniversary so airing this story on Thursday made perfect sense!

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