Tulsa Business Owners Hiring Harvey Flood Victims For Repairs

Monday, September 4th 2017, 7:20 pm
By: News On 6

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, people in Tulsa are scrambling to help those impacted by the devastation.   

Local heroes are rising up in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. One couple who owns a local business is helping to create job opportunities for those needing to feed their families.

Tony Barbosa and his wife Dorothy are the owners of Tuff Flooring, who often help those in the Tulsa area. But after seeing the devastation left behind by Hurricane Harvey, the couple quickly answered the call for help.

"He got a call from a friend of his.  We've done work locally for a friend of his, and he called and said 'Hey we're going down do you want to go?' And he was like 'sure let's go,'" said business owner Dorothy Barbosa.

The two are helping to create job opportunities for anyone impacted financially by the flood. Tony is spending time in Houston hiring Harvey victims to help gut out flood-ravaged apartments.
"I mean he could have taken enough guys from the Tulsa area down, but he thought you know what, there's people down there who can't work and they've lost everything. And this was how he could give back," Dorothy said.

Giving back. A sentiment that is demonstrated throughout the Tulsa community to help pick up the pieces the storm left behind. 
"There's just really strong ties between Oklahoma and Texas. I think we fight a lot, and it's a pride thing. But I think people when it comes down to it, they're willing to help," she said.

Tony set out for Houston last Friday. So far they've given work to about 20 people. Dorothy says he won't be returning home until their mission is accomplished.