Pleasant Weather Continues For Oklahoma

Wednesday, August 30th 2017, 4:08 am

We’re still in great shape for the next few days as TS Harvey will stay well to the east of the immediate region through Thursday.   A few small outer-bands of precipitation may brush far southeastern Oklahoma both today and tomorrow but the odds will remain rather low and well removed from the metro.   We’re expecting to remain on the back side (subsidence) region with beautiful weather through the end of the week.   Our temps will crank up a notch or two this weekend with highs in the upper 80s and lower 90s before a decent front arrives Tuesday or Wednesday bringing a nice taste of pre-fall weather.  

WARN Interactive Radar

Temperatures are cool this morning with lows in the upper 50s and lower 60s.   Northeast winds will prevail around 10 to 15 mph today along with sunshine and a few clouds.   Afternoon highs should be about the same as yesterday with most folks topping out around 83 to 86 across eastern Oklahoma.   The official track from the National Hurricane Center has remained rather consistent yet just a tad for more east that yesterday and seems to favor a slightly faster ejection process by Thursday as the post tropical cyclone will move more northeast in latitude and become influenced by stronger winds aloft.   The system may be exiting Arkansas by Thursday afternoon and then into the upper Midwest this weekend.   Our winds may briefly pick up from the northeast Thursday from 15 to 25 mph. Weather Apps

Our weather looks very nice and we will continue with a dry forecast for the metro for the next few days.   A major trough across the Midwest into the Yukon region will develop soon with a stout cold front moving southward early next week.   The timing of the front may change a little but should be arriving either Tuesday or Wednesday with a very noticeable reduction in temp and humidity.   The moisture content ahead of the boundary is expected to remain rather low.   I’m not sure at this point if we should even carry a chance for showers or storms with frontal passage as most of the significant gulf moisture may remain to our south.   And that could be a problem.   The moisture may remain to our south because of another potential system developing in the Gulf and influencing the Texas gulf coast early to the middle of next week.   If the above mentioned front speeds up, it may help our friends along the coast.   If it slows down, the possible gulf system may have time to move closer to the southeastern Texas region from the early to middle part of next week.  

Thanks for reading the Wednesday morning weather discussion and blog.