More Oklahoma Help Headed To Texas To Assist With Historic Flooding

Tuesday, August 29th 2017, 10:32 pm
By: Craig Day

The good news is the rain has stopped and only a few showers are likely Tuesday night. The bad news is the water is still rising in some places.

More help from Oklahoma is on the way to the Texas coast.

Six additional swift water rescue teams from Oklahoma will leave soon to help, including the Bartlesville Fire Department, the Cherokee Nation, and from Craig, Wagoner and Cherokee counties.

With submerged cars and water rescues still ongoing, the floodwater remains the biggest concern.

"The water was like five feet deep into my house,” said flood victim Hector Garcia.

"Were all still in shell shock,” added flood victim John Cservack.

But a secondary worry for many people is having enough groceries and other supplies. Most stores are closed.

But Target in the woodlands has reopened.

"This is nuts,” said shopper Jennifer Mierek. “We are running low on everything and grocery stores aren't open, and whew, Target is open."

There are so many people who need to stock up, lines are long. The store is only able to handle a limited number of customers; 30 are allowed in at a time.

"This is the worst ever, but luckily in our area we're not flooded yet,” said shopper Hector Enriquez.

But, no one minds the wait. Some are locals and some are volunteers from out of town. All are glad the store is open as they face several more days of rain and devastation.