Texas Residents Seek Shelter With Sand Springs Family

Monday, August 28th 2017, 10:27 pm
By: News On 6

One Texas couple abandoned their home of 12 years and sought safety with family in Sand Springs.

The Rethford family is just one of thousands who have evacuated the Houston area in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. They say they have no idea if their house will even be intact by the time they return home.

"I've got to see it one more time,” said Maxine Rethford.

Gail and Maxine Rethford left their home of 12 years on Thursday night.

"When they said that the surge was going to be nine to 12 feet, we knew we couldn't stay,” said Gail.

Maxine added, "When we left the house, we just said goodbye to it with the idea of not having anything when we came back."

They say they left in a hurry, anxious to get to safety. Now, looking back, they wish they'd taken a little more time.

"I would have taken pictures and I would have brought my Bible,” said Maxine.

They say they're desperate to know whether they'll have a home to go back to.

"We've got a lot of big decisions here that are going to be hard to make at our age,” said Maxine. "And we can't really make any 'til we see where we're at."

The stress of wondering about their home is just another worry added to their plates.

"She has cancer, and it's really not helping,” said Gail. "Well, I don't know that it's bothering the cancer."

Maxine said, “If we were young, we'd probably feel totally different."

But right now, getting home is their number one priority.

The Rethfords say they're hopeful they can return home by the end of this week, but of course, that all depends on whether or not the rain lets up.