Father And Son Retire From Tulsa Police Department

Tuesday, August 22nd 2017, 6:01 pm
By: News On 6

Two officers retired from the Tulsa Police Department Tuesday. Together - this father-and-son team served more than 50 years on the force. 

"We got a tremendous package deal with these two guys," Tulsa Chief of Police Chuck Jordan said at the retirement ceremony August 22. "They are both so dedicated and both so good at what they do."

For almost three decades, Guy and his father John Stapleton worked side by side for the Tulsa Police Department.  Guy became an officer in 1990, and like many rookies, he started on the "graveyard shift."

He ended his 27-year career on the motorcycle unit and says he's loved every minute of his time as a Tulsa police officer.

"I've enjoyed my time here and people I've worked with here are fantastic, the community I worked for - I was amazed, Tulsa is a good place," said Guy Stapleton. 

Guy's 81-year-old father John has a different story. He joined the department in 1991, just one year after his son - as a reserve officer.  John worked more than 30,000 hours in his 26-year career.

"He has probably accumulated more reserve hours in reserve than any other reserve we've had," Chief Jordan said.

"I'm a volunteer, I don't get paid, but they still know me. It's makes you feel really good," John Stapleton said.

Together, this father-son duo leaves a legacy at TPD, of the long and happy career you can have with a little bit of determination and a whole lot of passion for what you do. 

"We've had broken bones together, we've had people get shot at together and you know, it's it's family and its hard to leave it but you know, its time," Guy said.

"It's gratifying, it's absolutely gratifying," his father said.

Guy isn't sure what's next for him, but his dad John isn't planning to go far. He's hoping to do administrative work for the department.