Family Of Slain Tulsa Woman Say She Didn't Deserve To Die

Monday, August 21st 2017, 8:25 pm
By: News On 6

Tulsa police are working to solve the city's 54th homicide of the year after someone stabbed Felicia Jones over the weekend.

"She was fun to be around, she would have you laughing," said Carliss Harding, Jones' niece.

Harding is reminiscing about the time spent with her aunt, who she said was a big-hearted woman who loved to care for the people around her. 

"She was always there for the grandkids. She would always have time for family stuff," Harding said. "She always made big meals and opened her doors for people."

Jones' specialty was fried chicken and her family said it was out of this world.

They said she had a special place in her heart for children - and anyone who needed help.

"My auntie was a very, very godly woman. She was the sweetest woman in the world. I don't understand how anybody that she knows would even want to hurt her," Harding said.

But someone did.

A roommate found Jones stabbed to death Saturday in her Ivy Place Apartment.

Police said there were signs of a struggle.

"She's gonna fight, she's gonna fight hard so whoever did this to her know the police is coming for you because I know there's gonna be evidence. Because my auntie is gonna fight for her life. She had a lot to live for," Harding said.

Her killer is still on the loose and detectives believe it's someone Jones knew.

"You would have to be really evil or disturbed, really disturbed mentally to be able to even hurt a woman of her character," Harding said.

Tulsa Homicide Sergeant Dave Walker said Jones had a history of drug use that could've put her in danger.

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"Her lifestyle is definitely going to come into question as to who would've done this," Walker said.

But Jones' family said they don't believe that's true.

"She was a sweet lady. She was loving. She didn't have no enemies that I know of and she was not a drug addict. She was not mixed up in the type of life where there would be a lot of people running around her that would want to hurt her," Harding said. "This is not a drug-related thing, this is not a gang-related thing. Somebody just maliciously wanted to take my aunties life for whatever reason."

Harding wishes for those who may have information about the crime to come forward.

"Just come forward. Don't worry about being called a snitch and all of this and all that. It's time for people to stop living like that and worried about street rules, and start living a life that is more acceptable to God, or just more acceptable to society, period," Harding said. "I just advise you, please come forward if you have some information as to what happened with my auntie. If we all come together and start talking to people letting the police or whoever know what is going on when we know something, maybe we can stop all of this stupid stuff from going on."

Harding said her aunt's death was not her fault.

"She didn't bring this to herself. She didn't do anything to deserve this type of malicious behavior and she didn't deserve to die that way or die alone," Harding said.

"We don't know what went on but God does know. He sees everything," said Shamika Jones, the victim's daughter.

Police said they've conducted multiple interviews, but still don't have a suspect or motive.

You can report tips anonymously by calling Crime Stoppers at 918-596-2677.

Jones' family set a up Go Fund Me page for funeral expenses. It can be accessed at