Muskogee Woman Charged with Second-Degree Rape

Friday, August 18th 2017, 7:26 pm
By: News On 6

Parents of a 15-year-old boy are angry and frustrated after a woman was charged with raping their son.

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They say she gained their trust, then seduced their son and they're worried she won't be punished as severely as a man in the same situation.

We are hiding the parents' identity in order to protect their son's identity. They say if this could happen to their son, who was raised in church, played sports, and was in boy scouts, it could happen to anyone. Their message to other parents is to trust your instincts because they felt something was wrong, but convinced themselves they were overreacting or being paranoid.

The victim's mother said, "She always talked about how polite and well-mannered he was, things a mom would say about another child."

This couple says Leslie Lester's oldest son was on the same track team as their son. The two moms became friends so when Lester offered to take their son along with her's to a track meet, they thought it was fine.

"She befriended me and manipulated me into thinking my son was safe with her." Said the mother. 

When a few things seemed odd, they asked their son if anything inappropriate had been said between him and Lester. They say he denied it and so did Lester until that feeling got so bad, they checked their son's phone and found proof. They say both then 'fessed up.

The mother said, "[Lester] said, he's my dream man. If he was 30 something, years old, I would marry him tomorrow."

They say they learned the two had sex at Lester's home, while other boys were asleep in the living room and in a motel at the track meet with her own son asleep in the next bed.
The parents both believe Lester needs to go to prison.

The victim's father said, "It was hard for me to deal with it, more than I thought it would be."

The Muskogee County D-A charged Lester with three counts of second-degree rape. Lester's attorney was called for a statement, but he declined.