Sand Springs Sandites Battle Underdog Status

Thursday, August 17th 2017, 8:15 pm

The Sand Springs Sandites say they're used to being overlooked, but this year's group is out to change that.

Dustin Kinard said he’s trying to find four new receivers and four new secondary guys.

He said that's priority number 1 for sand springs this preseason. The Sandites had about 20 seniors graduate, so the search is on to see who will fill those holes.

Kinard said, "You can't replace experience. Just trying to get as many reps, live reps, as we can and get these guys used to the different stuff that they're going to be seeing."

Caden Pennington takes over as a center after two years as a backup, but they do have a few starters coming back. Four on the offensive line will plow the road for running back Payton Scott who rushed for just over 1900 yards a season ago.

Scott said, "We don't have to start from scratch, so to say, so with those guys really coming back, we're not missing a lot of beat."

Kinard said, "We're going to hang our hat on P. Scott a little bit, and we'll open up the offense when we get comfortable."

Well if it sounds like Sand Springs has a lot of experience to replace, it's true. They do. But the Sandites say they're used to being in this position, kind of an underdog, and don't count them out just yet.

Scott said "We're always the underdogs here at Sand Springs, so proving the naysayers wrong.  It's been like this since youth football, so it's just how it is."

So if they have their way, watch out for the Sandites.