Tulsa Highway 'Prank' Leaves Windshields Smashed

Thursday, August 17th 2017, 7:12 pm
By: News On 6

Four drivers have smashed windshields after someone threw a McDonald's cup filled with pop at them while they were driving.

It happened near 81st and Mingo. Police said throwing something from a moving car, or at one, is a felony.

You might think there is no harm from throwing out a cup at another car may only get a little liquid on their windshield, but it's actually doing a lot of damage.

Sarah McBryde's windshield was smashed after someone threw a cup filled with pop from a vehicle going south on Mingo as she was going north.

It also damaged the hood of her car and her dash, plus, she was covered in glass and orange soda.

McBryde said, "I had cuts on my hands and my forehead, just, nothing serious, but little cuts."

She immediately pulled over onto the side of the road when a young lady pulled in right behind her. Her windshield was smashed too because someone had just done the same thing to her.

Then, a couple pulled in with a shattered windshield from the exact same thing.

A few days later, it happened to McBryde's friend in the same area. It damaged his windshield, his hood and dash.

The price tag for repairs on the vehicles ranges from $500 to $5,000.

McBryde said, "It makes me furious. That's why I called you because, if nothing else, to make people aware because they'll see this and realize it's not a smart thing to do."

The fourth victim said the suspects were driving a dark Honda Pilot and was able to get a tag number.

Police said the trick is proving who was in the vehicle at the time.

They said throwing something at a moving car could result in someone going off the road and wrecking, or getting seriously cut by the glass.

The victims said it might seem like a harmless prank to whoever is doing it, but they say knock it off because the prank could get someone seriously hurt.