Army Worms Wreak Havoc On Owasso Yards

Thursday, August 3rd 2017, 6:08 pm
By: News On 6

An army of worms may be the reason why your well-cared for lawn still looks like it's been hit by a drought.

Army worms can march in and overnight, destroy your yard. Lawn Care Specialist Ray Phillips said even if you only see one, there's more.

Army worms are on the move in Owasso, which means Phillips is a busy guy.

"I will put other jobs on hold because this is more of an emergency type of situation," Phillips said. 

Phillips said they will march, yes, march, wherever they have to sink their teeth into fresh blades of grass.

"They'll devastate your yard, they'll move across the driveway, they'll move across the street. Wherever they have to go to get to new turf," Phillips said. 

They're no bigger than a safety pin, so, how do you spot them?

"What people need to look out for is devastation. Once one worm gets in the yard, there's going to be more than likely, thousands," he said. "You spend a couple minutes out there, if you have them, you're going to find them."

If you water regularly, but it still looks like a drought has sucked the life out of your yard, Phillips said that's a good sign the army has set up camp.
And they move fast.

"Overnight, literally overnight, they will devastate your yard," he said. 

Phillips said this is the fourth year these pests have been an issue in Oklahoma, and they're as aggressive as ever.