Montgomery Talks Getting Back On The Field, Coaching Son

Wednesday, August 2nd 2017, 9:07 pm

Every preseason, it's all about the players and how they adjust to being back on the field.

But what about the coaches?

"Getting back out here and being with the guys, that's the best part about it,” said Tulsa football head coach Philip Montgomery.

This is Philip Montgomery's third preseason with TU, and while the players may not hit the field until almost August, he's preparing much sooner.

"We started in July, as far as coaches, meeting and getting prepared for this camp and the season,” said Montgomery. "Your mind's always churning; you're looking for new ideas schematically that maybe you can plug in, how you're going to use your personnel and all of that."

Montgomery's role as head coach and offensive coordinator means he has more to think about as he gets himself ready for the season.

"For me as a play caller, just knocking the rust off for me, getting back in the mode, thinking ahead and trying to be prepared,” he said.

Amidst all the routine that is fall camp, there is something different this year for Philip Montgomery. For the first time, he's coaching his own flesh and blood.

"Oh, it's great,” he stated. “It's been fun. I mean, we're just two days into it and he's jumping in, and he's lost like every other freshman is.”

Cannon Montgomery is a freshman from Cascia Hall, and for the first time, "coach" is "dad.”

"This is one of those things we've kind of talked about since he was born, and so finally to have a chance to get to coach him and be around him in the game and in practice is pretty special,” he said.