Harold Kuntz Visits The Flying Tee On Quest To Be Better Golfer

Friday, July 28th 2017, 11:46 pm
By: News On 6

The quest to make Harold Kuntz a better golfer continues.

Harold went to The Flying Tee for part five of The Harold Project.

Tracy Phillips/Director of Golf at Flying Tee:  "I got the tough job because that's the hardest club to hit for most people, most people tend to hit a slice.  The average golfer shoot 100 and  that's what their ball does as a right handed golfer they tend to fade the ball."   

Harold: "We're going to try to fix that slice or that hook. or both!"

Tracy: "As you go back I want you to see a little bit less flex in your knees, but when you go back, watch how your club goes back well to the inside or what we call under that plane line, so as your coming down you'll notice your arms are coming down towards your head, so club here is coming down very steep and from the outside.  So what I'm going to teach you to do a couple baseball type golf swings and we're going to try to get the shape of your swing more to right field."

Tracy: "Great, best one so far, let's do that with some speed.  There!!  Two more that was great, Great! So you can see now the club is coming down under the plane from the inside, so that is what's needed to hit the driver better, so if I want to hit the driver better I want to hit it at 3 degrees, to do that I've got to come more slightly from the inside.  About 60 percent on your right foot and 40 percent from your lead foot."

Tracy: "What you did is you got your downswing more out to right field, shallowed the swing out so it enabled you to keep the square the face up,. so consequently, last shot you hit was 264 yards."
Tracy: "Alright thanks Harold, enjoyed it. Appreciate it."

Harold: "Appreciate it."