Free Trash Pick Up Tulsa Man's Way Of Redeeming Past

Thursday, July 27th 2017, 7:11 pm
By: News On 6

You can usually Brian Freeman walking along Peoria, picking up trash at any time of the day or night, bagging it up and setting it along the street for free.

"I expect nothing out of it and anything that I get in return is a blessing," he said.

Freeman, known on Tulsa streets as "The Cleaner," is homeless and said he has been since he was 12.

"I've just made some really bad choices in life. I just never grew up like others did," Freeman said.

His criminal past makes it hard to get a job, and Freeman refuses to panhandle, so he created work of his own.

"All parks, all churches, all elderly that has nobody in their life, they're all free, I don't charge nobody for nothing," he said.

Businesses along Freeman's work route took notice - many of them donating trash bags, water bottles and a few minutes of rest in the air conditioning.

Tulsa Police Sergeant Mike Parson noticed Freeman's work ethic and watched him pick up trash in triple digit heat for three days straight.

"I think he was kind of hesitant that I might take him to jail for his warrants, but I just told him there is no way I am taking you to jail if you are out here doing something like that," Parsons said.

For Freeman, it's a chance to redeem himself - especially in the eyes of his son.

"He is way advanced and way more an adult than I'll probably ever be, and I just want to tell him I'm very sorry for the things I've said to him, and he don't know at all how much he means to me," he said.

Freeman said he doesn't want handouts, he wants a job. You can find out how to help here.