Convicted Tulsa Baby Killer May Get Second Trial

Thursday, July 20th 2017, 10:31 pm
By: Justin Shrair

A convicted killer may get a second trial. 

A jury convicted Shiloh Brafford of first-degree murder and sentenced her to life in prison for the death of her 14-month-old stepson.

In her trial, several doctors testified the baby's death was caused by shaken baby syndrome, but new experts contradict that.

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It is nine years to the day since 14-month-old Davis Brafford died.

His parents say his stepmom is guilty but her former attorney says she is innocent.

Now, they're waiting on the appeals court to decide if Shiloh gets a new trial.

Newly released court documents say several doctors testified recently that 14-month-old Brafford was not a healthy child and had pre-existing conditions that would've made it possible for him to die from a minor fall.

Those Facts were not  brought up during Brafford's 2011 trial. 

"The experts at trial that testified for the state were completely overwhelming and without funds to higher an expert of our own, Judge Shook saw that this was not a fair trial," said Patrick Adams, defense attorney.

Adams says this was decided on emotion and politics. During the recent hearing, "The Innocence Project" located the new experts who said the baby's injuries were consistent with a fall, not shaken baby syndrome.

The new evidence caused the Judge to tell the criminal court of appeals that had these experts testified at Shiloh's trial it would have been a different outcome.

Baby Davis' mother and father disagree, saying the new experts diagnosed a child they'd never met.

When asked if she deserves a second trial, Davis' father Dnaiel Brafford said, "No I do not. She was found guilty by a jury of her peers, for first-degree murder, and I don't think she should get another trial. I think it's a waste of the states time."

Both parents say they don't want to relive this horrific incident and firmly believe Shiloh does not deserve a second chance.

They say this is a clear case of shaken baby syndrome.

"I think they're just grasping some straws, and saying whatever they're just throwing, words out their in hopes of another case," Daniel Brafford said.

Now, they're waiting on the appeals court to decide if Shiloh gets a new trial.

We'll tell you what they decide.