Oklahoma Woman Starts Own Kids' Clothing Business

Thursday, July 20th 2017, 5:11 pm
By: Karl Torp

An Oklahoma mother is going back to the basics with the new business she launched.

Like any young company, her role goes beyond CEO.

Michelle Briggs' clothing line is growing as fast as those she dresses. 

In the cuddly, cute and sometimes comical world of baby apparel, Briggs saw a need for competition.

"I always wanted to own business and start my own company," she said. 

So, she stopped practicing law and focused on layering. Her company, started in 2015, is called Basal Baby and provides base layers for babies.

"I always grativated toward this high quality cotton basic one pieces, however they were extremily expensive and didn't make sense to buy in bulk," Briggs said. 

The company promises less baloney, and that includes behind the scenes too.

Don't expect a posh private office for this CEO. Her desk is at shared work space in the Paseo called Halcyon.

"I've got everything organized by size and then by colors," she said. 

And Briggs' childhood bedroom is where clothes are stored.

Each basal baby bundle also comes with a handwritten thank you note.

"That's one of the joys of of this the refining the learning and how to make the product better," she said. 

The company's goal is to grow along side its precious clientele, and toddler clothing may eventually come. 

"The biggest challenge is getting the brand out there," she said. 

That means Briggs goes big on social media.

She sends her clothes out to online influencers, people with thousands of followers, and hopefully, they post about the experience and what they like about the product.

Then, there are the models who come to Brigg's home for photo shoots.

The company's first model, Briggs' son, is too now too big for the clothes, but for this working mom, more photos are arriving soon for a mom now enjoying being the boss.

"Think everything through as much as you can becasue when you finally make the decision to take the leap, you will feel so much better about everything else."