Tulsa Man Kidnaps, Hold Ex-Girlfriend Captive For Two Weeks, Police Say

Tuesday, July 18th 2017, 6:41 am

Police arrested a Tulsa man they say kidnapped his ex-girlfriend and held her against her will for almost two weeks.

In their arrest report, officers say Justin Meyers, 28, even tied the victim's leg to his to make sure she couldn't get away while he slept.

The report states the victim was living in a domestic violence shelter when she heard Meyers had been arrested.

Police said she decided to go home, but awoke one day to find Meyers inside her house. They said he kidnapped the woman July 3rd and held her against her will for two weeks.

Police said Meyers took away her cell phone and tied her to a chair when he was gone.

She told police that Meyers had punched her in the face and head, causing her to lose consciousness at least twice.

Monday, the police report states the victim convinced Meyers to go to the Church at Battle Creek, saying they would help him turn the water in his home back on. At the church, police say the woman asked an employee in a note, to get her alone and that's when she talked about what Meyers was doing to her. The church then called police.

When police showed up, Justin Meyers took off.  Officers went to Meyers' home and arrested him after a short foot chase. 

When questioned, police stated in their report, Meyers said the victim had jealousy issues and that he had never hit her.

"This guy is obviously a very violent person to do the things that he did. So, to have him in jail and off the streets is not only good for that victim but good for everybody else in Tulsa," Officer Jeanne Mackenzie said.

Meyers was booked into the Tulsa County jail on complaints including kidnapping and domestic assault and battery.