Man Jailed In Owasso Child Neglect Case Defended By Supporters

Monday, July 10th 2017, 7:27 pm

A man jailed in a domestic dispute and child neglect case has supporters claiming he is part victim. 

Tim Watson was arrested, but he's better known in Owasso as the hard working Taco Bueno employee recently featured on "Undercover Boss."

Tim Watson was jailed along with two women, all on complaints about a fight with a child in the room. 

"This whole story isn't making sense," said Brandon Harvey.

Brandon Harvey has known Tim Watson for two years and says he is a good parent and not the kind to abuse his girlfriend. 

"Something is just not adding up because I know 100 percent Tim is not abusive. He's not. He's a kind-hearted man," said Harvey.

But over the weekend, Watson was arrested at the Wildwood Apartments, where investigators described a filthy apartment, infested with roaches, and a domestic dispute that was ongoing when officers arrived. 

Watson was arrested with Diana Delong, the mother of their two-year-old child, and Veronica McGuire. 

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Officers said there was a fight, and the child was in filthy condition.

Watson was the go-getter employee of Taco Bell recently featured on "Undercover Boss."

"Yeah, that's Tim. That's Tim all the way. Tim is a hard working man," said Harvey. 

Now his friends are defending him, but say he was in a troubled relationship and trying to get out. 

Harvey says Watson's interest in cars fueled an argument over the weekend. 

"She was constantly calling, texting, yelling and screaming, and I said dude, you gotta do something," explained Harvey. 

Police say the argument between Watson and the two women became physical, but only Delong faces a charge of assault.