911 Calls Of Fatal Tulsa Fireworks Stand Shooting Released

Monday, July 10th 2017, 5:57 pm

The 911 calls made moments after a firework stand robbery that ended with a teenager shot dead have been released.

The calls came from three locations within a mile of the fireworks stand.

Dispatchers: “Tulsa County 911.”
Caller 1: “We just got robbed at our fireworks station.”
Caller 2: “And he's yelling call 911.”
Caller 1: “I don't know if he's been shot.”

The first came from the wife of Johnny Mize Junior, who fought the robbers over the fireworks.

“Shots fired and my husband jumped into the back of the truck and they took off with him,” she said. “They were shooting, they shot out their…passenger side window.”

The getaway truck was next spotted up the road with a man running away.

Caller 2: “There's a man running through our property, he's up in our woods and he's yelling, ‘Somebody call 911, go to the hospital,’ and he's up in our woods now.”

That man was Jack Ulrich - who later turned himself in and who denies he had a gun during the robbery.

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A key witness, Johnny Mize Senior, couldn't describe the gun to the dispatcher.

Dispatcher: "Do you know what kind of gun they had? Was it a handgun?”
Mize Sr.: “I don't know what they had."

Though investigators have not confirmed who fired. and how many times, the caller reported four shots.

She didn't know if her husband was hit.

"He's in the back of the truck and I don't know if they shot him. I don't know if he's been shot," she said.

But the only person shot was 15-year-old Jake Ulrich, who was spotted by several people passing the truck.

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Caller 3: "I looked over and I see this guy slumped over in the passenger seat. The passenger side window was shot out and it didn't look good."

Mize Jr. was briefly driving the truck but told family he didn't see anyone in the seat. He was in there briefly - before the first 911 call ended - he was back at the stand with the stolen fireworks.