Son Speaks Out After Sallisaw Officer Involved Shooting

Thursday, July 6th 2017, 6:42 pm
By: News On 6

We are learning more about a man shot and killed by sheriff's deputies in Sallisaw. 

Jamie Huskey died after a confrontation with deputies and police at the McDonalds in Sallisaw. 

"He was just telling me that he loved me and he loved my sister and wanted me to be somebody and do something with my life." 

Those are the last words 25-year-old Jacob Huskey heard from his father. 

"I didn't know that was going to be the last few minutes I would talk to my father. Or maybe I would've said something different," said Huskey. 

Jacob's father, Jamie Huskey, called his son while running from police Wednesday. Jacob says he had no idea what he was hearing on the other end of the phone. 

"They were telling him to put his hands up and he told them that he had a gun and they told him they were going to shoot him," said Huskey. 

Investigators say they had no choice but to shoot Jamie after he fired a shot inside the restaurant. Jacob says his dad was only intent on taking one life that day, his own. 

"I wish what the police officers would've tried to talk the gun out of his hand. I know that my dad shouldn't have fired a shot off, I got that and understand that completely. But he wasn't trying to injure nobody. He was trying to purposely have his life took," Huskey explained. 

Sallisaw police say they knew Jamie Huskey was trying to take his own life but they couldn't risk anyone else getting hurt. 

Jacob says he just wants people to know that despite all of his dad's faults, he wasn't a monster. 

"You know, everybody has their faults and everybody has their ups and downs, but you know my dad really did have a heart of gold," said Huskey. 

Sallisaw Police Captain Jeff Murray released a statement shortly after the incident saying:

"This officer involved shooting is a critical incident for the Sheriff and his deputy who was present, and I imagine it will impact them greatly. No one comes to work wanting something like this to happen. Then, looking upon this incident for the family of Mr. Husky, it was a tragic event, as they lost a loved one.

“This incident is currently being investigated by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and I'm confident that all facts in this case will be obtained through their investigation."

We’re told Huskey was wanted for assaulting his sister in Fort Smith earlier in the day and was also wanted in Texas for child molestation.

The Sequoyah County sheriff and a chief deputy are on leave while the OSBI investigates.