Tulsa Family Shaken After Death Of 15-Year-Old At Firework Stand

Wednesday, July 5th 2017, 10:26 pm
By: News On 6

The family of the teen who died during a robbery attempt at a Tulsa fireworks stand has questions about how he was shot and killed.

The past 36 hours have been devastating for Jake Ulrich's family. They were under the impression he was going to do some work with his cousin when they got word he had been shot outside a nearby fireworks stand.

They are still shaken after the teen’s death.

"We love you and we miss you and you will never be forgotten," said Jake’s aunt, Jill Ulrich.

Jake’s aunt, Amber Compher, said, "He had a beautiful smile and a laugh that I'll never get to hear again."

Jake's uncle, Korey Ulrich, thought of Jake as a son.

"He was growing up, a few more years he would have been to work for me."

Korey said Jake has never done anything like this.

"He's never done nothing wrong. He don't have no juvie record, he's never even been fingerprinted," he said.

Korey learned of his nephew’s death through a phone call.

"He just said I need you to go up there and check that it could be, you know, my nephew," he said.

Korey went, and his worst fear was realized.

“It just seems unbecoming of Jake to be involved with anything like this," said family attorney Nathan Milner. "We're confused, we're upset. We don't know if he was forced into doing something that may have been against his will."

He’s requesting the district attorney and investigators do a thorough job. He’s also asking for Jake's cousin, Jack Ulrich, to turn himself in.

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"We hope he comes forward and gives his side of the story," the attorney said.

Milner said he questions the legality of Jake's death and wonders if the shooter, Johnny Mize Jr., hat the right to pursue the truck as it left.

"They are making the allegation that shots were fired at them first," Milner said. "After being supposedly shot at, and so that really raises a lot of questions."

He’s asking the public to not pass judgment before major facts are known.

"When did Jake actually get hit with a bullet? And where, and how many times," Milner asked.

"It's very hard for the family. If anybody knows anything, can they please come forward," Compher said.

The family said Jake would be 16 on July 12th. He had been living with his grandparents who were caring for him.