Oklahoma Woman Credits Guardian Angel After Bullet Nearly Pierces Windshield

Wednesday, July 5th 2017, 9:21 pm
By: News On 6

Monday night in Prattville, near 41st and Redbud, someone fired a gun.

Wilma Carlisle and her granddaughter Lily were driving home when suddenly Carlisle says she was afraid to pull over, fearing the shooter might still be firing.

"We felt something hit my truck. We could hear, like, metal. We thought it was a gun. The first thing we thought of, we thought it was a gunshot,” she recalled. "We were checking ourselves to make sure we hadn't been hit, is what we were doing. I told her, 'Check yourself, make sure.' We did that and we just kept on driving until we got home."

When they got home, Carlisle found the bullet hole and called police.

Tulsa County Sheriff's deputies confirmed to her this was not the result of a firework. She says that's when she realized how easily the bullet could have gone through the windshield and hit her.

"We cried,” she stated. “We cried after it was over because we thought about how it could have turned out."

But she knows why it didn't hit her.

"I had a guardian angel,” she said.

Carlisle lost her son, Michael, Lily's father, three years ago. His heart stopped due to a medical issue. She thinks of him every day. Even her truck memorializes him.

She says she knows in that moment, and every moment, Michael was watching over them.

"I just thank God and Michael,” she added.

Carlisle did file a report with the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office. If you have any information, call their office.