Owasso Police Put Focus On Catching Speeders

Friday, June 23rd 2017, 6:57 pm
By: News On 6

Owasso Police are cracking down on speeders.

Particularly those traveling through the city around Highway 20 between Highway 169 and North 14th East Avenue.

Police say almost every day there's a serious wreck around here. And on top of that people are losing their lives.

The rush of passing cars is something to be concerned about if you're traveling down that stretch of Highway 20.

"There are a lot of speeders we notice that cars often have trouble getting across the street," says Shannon Chatwin, who drives in the area.

"The cars are definitely speeding. They are not obeying the traffic signs," says Joyce Wilhelm.

From their firework stand just before Keetonville Hill, Chatwin and Joyce Wilhelm see it every day. 

But the speeding hasn't slowed down.

"You don't see those cars up over the hill until they are almost on top of you," Chatwin says.

The problem isn't a passing phase. 

That's why, from time to time, multiple Owasso officers converge on the area.

"You only get so many times to push your luck," says Lieutenant Nick Boatman. "Especially in that corridor. You'd be surprised how many people say 'I thought I was clear.'"

During a recent patrol, in an hour and a half officers stopped 25 people going 15 to 25 miles over the speed limit.

The traffic signal in the area helps but the area is growing and drivers need to ease off the gas.

"Because of all the serious injury accidents even fatalities that happen in that corridor we had to step up and do something about it," Boatman says.

Police say saving a life is worth slowing down.

"I wouldn't say another stop light necessarily, but if it's going to save lives then maybe we do need another stop light," says Joyce.

Police hope as commercial development grows, the speed limits will keep dropping.

But until then — slow down and pay attention.