Bad Paint Job Couldn't Hide Stolen SUV From Tulsa Police

Friday, June 23rd 2017, 8:17 am
By: Emory Bryan

A Tulsa man is trying to salvage what thieves destroyed after police found his stolen SUV, which had been hand-painted it three different colors.

The victim, Addison Joy, got the SUV as a graduation present. He only had it about six weeks when it was stolen Thursday morning from the QuikTrip at Admiral and Delaware.

Police found it Friday morning at another QuikTrip at 11th and Utica, but it looked a lot different.

“When I first saw it, honestly, I saw this part of the car and I thought it was burned, scorched on fire, and my first thought was what happened, and then I realized it was just spray paint,” Addison Joy said.

While the Saturn Vue was missing, it was covered in spray paint - black one side, black and neon green on the other.

The windows were covered too.

But the owner hasn't given up on it. Joy's determined to put in the work to get it back to the shiny red it was before.

The question is why it was painted?

"Camo I assume. Trying to make it not look red, but it ended up looking a lot more sketchy, that' s actually why the cops caught them is because they did this," Joy said.

Police said they noticed the crazy paint job, ran the tags and realized it was stolen.

Tulsa Police arrested a man and a teenage girl at the QuikTrip. Joy said he recognized the girl as someone he saw Thursday morning.

He left the keys in the truck which is how it was stolen.