Drivers Are Uneasy About Highway 64 Bridge

Thursday, June 22nd 2017, 5:59 pm

It may officially be summer, but spring rain is still causing problems. This time for a bridge construction project. 

Construction is stalled while contractors wait for Keystone Lake levels to go down, so until then, drivers will be making their way across this bridge with part of it missing. 

Local resident Jody Dell talked about how "scary" it is for people going over Highway 64's Bear Creek bridge. 

"Just coming across here and it's so narrow," said Dell. 

The tight fit makes for nervous drivers and passengers, like Jody Dell. 

"I always say go slow because you never know what the car in front of you will do and there's no place to get off," said Dell. 

The bridge is down to only the southbound lane. The northbound lane is completely gone. 

ODOT says the bridge is safe for drivers, even with one lane. Work to replace the bridge deck, add shoulders, and make other repairs started back in March but the heavy equipment and construction materials haven't been used in weeks. 

Crews have done everything they can up top. Next up is drilling a foundation at the base. But ODOT says the lake is still too high from spring flooding for that work to begin. 

"It's just life, we've got to wait until the water goes down," said Cleveland resident Elain Tannehill. 

Drivers agree that it'll be nice when construction is complete.