Tulsa Man Frustrated At Lack Of TPD Response To Assault Case

Wednesday, June 21st 2017, 7:09 pm
By: News On 6

A 65-year-old Tulsa man is frustrated over how his assault case has been handled.

Timothy Jones said he was in a handicap parking spot at St. John Medical Center when a man punched and kicked him, but even after going to the police, he said nothing has happened for nearly a month. 

Jones said when he pulled into the parking lot at St John, there was a vehicle right next to him and a gentleman helping an elderly woman into the car. Jones said he politely said, 'I'll just walk around this way.' 

But he said that's when the man cussed at him then ran right at him and attacked him.

"I notice he's running toward me at a full run and does an uppercut into my left jaw. Then, as I'm going down, he hits me again here and once I'm down on the ground, I know once at least, he kicked me in the stomach," Jones said. 

Jones called 911 and said the man nearly ran over him as he sped off in a white SUV.

Jones said he believes there's plenty of evidence to make an arrest including surveillance video and two witnesses - a woman and a man who works at the hospital. 

He said he gave the tag number to 911 and a description to police. He said one witness said the man had just picked up his discharged grandmother, so the hospital should have her name.

"My concern is, if this little, without provocation, causes this man to do this kind of violence, he's going to murder somebody," Jones said. 

Jones said he called and emailed police several times but got nowhere. 

News On 6 called the sergeant assigned the case and learned he just returned to the country, so the case sat there unworked.

It was assigned to someone new after we called, and that investigator called the victim and requested the surveillance video.

News On 6 has requested the video from St. John, but they said they can't release it because of HIPPA Privacy because someone else might be pictured. 

St. John also said if police want the video, they'd have to get a subpoena.