Mother Of Innocent Bystander Killed During Tulsa Home Invasion Speaks Out

Wednesday, June 21st 2017, 5:20 pm

“Why?” asked Paula Wood. “He was only 33.”

These are thoughts from a distraught mother after her son, David Willis, was shot to death just outside their house.

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“Police said that he was just out here, not doing anything,” Wood stated.

The suspect, John Schmidt, lived next door to Willis.

Early Wednesday morning, police say Schmidt had fired shots and kicked down a door at a house one block over. The homeowner shot at Schmidt but missed.

Police say the suspect ran back to his street where Willis happened to be sitting in his car at the time.

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“He was just coming home,” said Wood.

Investigators don't know why but say Schmidt shot at Willis three times. He was hit by two bullets.

“My son is dead,” said Wood. “Why didn't you just let him go instead of killing my son?”

Detectives say Schmidt had a gun illegally. He's a convicted felon out of Kansas and Oklahoma, serving time here for robbery and arson.        

The police report says Schmidt confessed to killing Willis when he got in the back of the patrol car but didn't say why.