Driver In BA Road Rage Incident Could Face A Felony Charge

Thursday, June 15th 2017, 12:41 pm
By: Tess Maune

Broken Arrow Police say they've identified the driver of a road rage incident caught on camera and now he faces a felony charge.

BAPD says the driver admitted to the road rage, but police haven't released his name yet. BAPD says the man will likely be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. 

With a dash camera recording, a road rage incident unfolded during Wednesday morning's rush hour on the Broken Arrow Expressway. 

The video shows a flatbed truck tailgating and at one point even swerving into a small gray car.

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"Small gray car tries to get out of the way, the truck gets right behind the car," said BAPD Officer James Koch.

Seconds later, Broken Arrow Officer James Koch says the truck crosses several lanes of traffic to get in front of the car only to slam on the brakes.

We're not identifying her, but the woman with the dash cam video shared it on social media and with News On 6...

"He could have very easily killed somebody," the woman said. 

It got enough exposure that someone recognized the truck and tipped off police. 

About 24 hours after all this played out, officers were at the suspected driver's house. 

"He did admit to being the person driving the truck that was seen in the video," Koch said. 

Police did not arrest the man, but Koch says that will likely happen.

He says once detectives finish the police report, they will send along to the Tulsa County District attorney's office and ask for an assault with a deadly weapon charge.

"If the DA accepts the charge, then warrants are issued," Koch said. 

The woman -- who saw it all -- hopes this will make others think twice when they get angry behind the wheel.

"You're gonna kill somebody. You're gonna kill yourself. Just, please, be careful," she said. 

The police report should be turned over to the district attorney's office sometime Friday.

The driver's name will be released if the suspected driver is charged.