Sapulpa Woman Out $1,000 After Woman Buys Car With Counterfeit Money

Wednesday, June 14th 2017, 5:51 pm
By: News On 6

A Sapulpa woman met another woman at a Glenpool QuikTrip to sell her a car for $1,000, but it wasn't until later that she realized the money was fake. 

When a buyer off of Craigslist handed Darla Christopher an envelope full of money, she trusted her. 

"She counted it out to me, that's how I looked at it." said Christopher.

But on her way home that evening, Christopher realized those ten $100 bills weren't worth a penny. 

Christopher said that she started crying because now she didn't have a car or a way to commute back-and-forth to work. 

Glenpool Assistant Police Chief Bart Harris said crimes like this aren't uncommon. He also said Christopher did a lot of things right, like meeting the buyer in a public place. 

"Go to a highly populated location, such as a convenient store where there's good lighting," Harris said. 

But he said she didn't look at the money close enough. 

"In fact, it was very poor counterfeit. Some of the bills didn't even have a back to them," Harris said.

Glenpool police said to be extra cautious with larger bills. Hold it up and check it out in the light, and of course, make sure it's the right president on the front."

"If they give you what you believe is a $100 bill, if it has President Lincoln's picture on it, that should raise a flag for you," Harris said. 

Christopher said she wonders how a person could do that to another person.

"How do you not have a guilt trip, doing that to somebody? If that was me, I couldn't do that," Christopher said.