Tulsa Housing Authority Scales Back Security At Some Complexes

Tuesday, June 13th 2017, 6:56 pm
By: News On 6

Changes to security at some Tulsa Housing Authority complexes are causing concern for some people. 

With crime already a concern, some people who live in the complexes worry that less security isn't the answer.

As of June 22, a guard booth at the entrance of Comanche Park will be empty. 

Comanche Park sits just off the intersection of 36th Street North and North Peoria.

"Two of my closest neighbors were murdered within a house, one of them was murdered two doors down and the another one was murdered 4 doors down," said resident Cherry Dunagan. 

Dunagan said she's part of the community association at the complex and heard about the changes a month ago.

Erin: "Do you feel like the Tulsa housing authority is making your safety a priority?" 

Dunagan: "Not really, no."

The Tulsa Housing Authority told News On 6 they will maintain security foot patrols at the complex, but feel keeping a guard at the gate hasn't been effective.

Something Dunagan said she disagrees with.

"We need this security," she said. 

Rhonda Matzen also lives at the complex and she said so far the current security hasn't helped.

"I got robbed at gunpoint and they were nowhere to be found when you need them," she said. "I think they should actually do away with it and get the TPD to come out here, maybe like a foot beat or something."

THA said they've invested in security cameras and better lighting making an impact on crime.

However, just looking at the TPD crime map tells a different story, showing a cluster of crimes there since January.

Back in October, a woman was stabbed to death and in November a man was shot and later died.

Dunagan won't forget either of those murders.

"Somebody is going to get stabbed," Dunagan said. "Just last night we had like 30 cops or like two days ago 30 cops come in because someone pulled a gun out on our basketball court."

The THA said the changes will also happen at both Apache and Towne Square. They said the federal funding will be better served by adding more security to their high-rise locations.