Bartlesville Police: Woman Killed In Possible Accidental Shooting

Tuesday, June 13th 2017, 2:52 pm
By: News On 6

One woman is dead after what police believe was an accidental shooting outside a busy Bartlesville restaurant.

Police say a couple had just eaten lunch inside McAlister’s near Washington and Price. They got back inside their car and that's when the shooting happened.

Police say they got there and the woman was lying down in the parking lot.

Employees from the nearby Urgent Care clinic were on scene trying to help but the woman died.

Officers say the man claims the shooting was an accident but they did not specify whether the woman accidentally shot herself or if the man accidentally shot her.

Officers say the medical examiner took the woman's body for an autopsy to see if it will match with his story.

They say while accidental shootings do happen from time to time, this one created some panic because it happened just outside a busy restaurant.

"We, unfortunately, we being the police, we work several types of incidents. A lot of times we do have accidental shootings; it's rather bizarre. We're here in the busy parking lot of a restaurant at noon. On a Tuesday afternoon. That part makes it kind of strange," said Captain Jay Hastings with Bartlesville Police.

Officers did take the man to the police department for questioning.