Black Lives Matter Hosts 'Stop The Killing, Start The Healing' Event

Saturday, June 10th 2017, 6:20 pm

Whether its kids in the bounce house or a group reading the Bible, the group "Black Lives Matter" says about a month ago, it planned for Saturday's event to be positive.

"Positive, fun, informative,” stated Mareo Johnson of Black Lives Matter. “Also, empowering, to empower the community, to empower the people."

"It's like a way for everybody to kinda loosen up a little bit from yesterday,” explained Tulsa Police Sergeant Dedlorn Sanders.

Fresh on everyone's mind is what unfolded a few blocks away Friday morning.

"It's a lot of hurt, people hurt, disappointed,” said Johnson. “That's what's in the hearts and the minds of people."

When a Tulsa police officer and two sheriff's deputies shot and killed Joshua Barre after he went into a convenience store with two knives.

"He could have been here also, but he's in Heaven,” said Tulsa Resident Rachelle Warrior.

Despite high tension between law enforcement and some people at the scene of the shooting, Tulsa Police had a presence at Saturday's event, just as planned.

"How do you work best with the police officers?" said Representative Regina Goodwin.

State Representative Goodwin talked about improving police relations with the community.

"But we don't paint with one brush everybody, just like they can't paint us with one brush,” Goodwin stated.

"I grew up in this neighborhood,” Sergeant Sanders.

Sanders says his goal is to listen when he meets new people.

"They can open up with me and say what they want to say; I'm not gonna take it personal,” sqid sanders. “And just listen.”

"Can we just unite? That's the main thing,” said Warrior.

Black Lives Matter says it plans to have another event just like this one next month.