Tulsa Police Arrest Man, Woman After Brief Pursuit

Wednesday, June 7th 2017, 11:44 am

Tulsa police took two people into custody Wednesday morning in connection with a stolen truck.

The suspects were running away from the cops and right toward them at the same time.

Police were working a burglary when the victim told officers their stolen vehicle had GPS installed. Authorities pulled up its location and tried to stop the truck, but the driver took off.

The stolen vehicle stopped on the IDL near ONEOK Field. A man and woman jumped out of the truck and started running toward the Greenwood Cultural Center, according to police.

Unfortunately for them there were a whole lot of officers around ready to converge on them.

Police took the pair into custody. The man has been identified as Kevin Dean Harrison, 27.

Harrison said he had just bought it; police didn't buy that story. 

"If you come downtown you're going to have to deal with the southside units, our northside units, the impact team and traffic, so it's just their bad luck they ended up at a place where there are a lot of officers during the day," said TPD Capt. Mike Williams.

Police said Harrison complained his arm was broken in a fall.They took him to a hospital before taking him to jail.

He was booked on complaints of possession of a stolen vehicle and eluding after former conviction of a felony.

The woman, 35-year-old Cary Michal Clark, was booked on complaints of possession of a stolen vehicle, possession of drugs and paraphernalia. She also has a former felony conviction.