Rainy Season Stalls Completion Of Keystone Lake Water Park

Friday, June 2nd 2017, 8:45 pm

Spring rain has made for a rough start to the summer season for many businesses in northeastern Oklahoma.

The forecast calls for more rain, which is the last thing lake businesses want to see.

Flooding has stalled the last bit of construction at a new Keystone Lake water park.

The work crews at Jellystone Stone Park have made some progress, like the wading pool, but high water pushed back other construction plans as well as the park's opening day.

There's a lot to look forward to inside Jellystone Park, which is the first waterpark ever built on Keystone Lake.

"We've been waiting, patiently," said park owner Beth Ryan. 

But with the excitement, there's also many frustrations.
"Every time you go forward a foot, you have to go back two feet and that's the hard part," Ryan said. 

She expected the park to be open by Memorial Day.

High water made that impossible with flooded campgrounds and roads in the park.    

You'd been blowing bubbles because the water was under the stop sign.

The concrete around the pool should have been done weeks ago, but all the water cut off access for some of the larger equipment.

She said pushing back the opening can be catastrophic for any lake business. 

"We've got 90 days to make it or break it and right now we're going to about 45 days at this point if we get open by the end of the month," she said. 

So now workers are painting, trying to wrap up construction and getting ready to clear the debris.

"Hopefully, it'll look like nothing ever happened," Ryan said. 

She's staying positive that this summer at Jellystone can be saved.

"Look to have a lot of fun here this summer and hopefully provide a lot of family entertainment," Ryan said. 

The owners say they hope to open Jellystone Park by mid to late June.