Creek County 'Frog Rock' Receives Some TLC From Local Group

Thursday, June 1st 2017, 8:20 pm
By: Tess Maune

A rock that's shaped like a frog is a Creek County attraction. But, sometimes it attracts the wrong kind of attention.

Each year, vandals spray paint The Frog Rock, and each year church camp volunteers clean up the mess.

On the side of a gravel road in rural Creek County, a rock sits and it's famous in these parts.

"You just got show the old frog a little love now and then," said Frog Road Christian Camp Board President J.D. Stiles.

The Frog Rock, as it's called, is getting a new coat of paint to cover up the spray paint left behind by vandals.

"It always a problem," Stiles said. "There's some years it's not as bad." 

Frog Road Christian Camp volunteers keep the Frog looking fresh by covering up the graffiti.

Stiles said they paint it sometimes three times a year. 

"Usually by that time, it's time for a touch up anyway," he said. 

Stiles is the board president and his grandfather was a co-founder of the christian camp.

The Frog Rock is more than just a rock to him.

"Just good memories, I think is what it really is," he said. 

The Frog Rock has been a Keystone Lake landmark since the 1970s. Stiles said almost every part is original, except for the color of course, and its eye.

He said old-timers originally used a hubcap to make the eye, when that no longer worked they tried something else. 

"Some of the board members back then took cement and kind of shaped it up there," he said. 

The rock brings in visitors from all over, according to Stiles.

"People love to come out here and take pictures," Stiles said. 

And with good, there's also the bad.

"As many times as it gets hit, ya just gotta go with it. Ya gotta think it's just kids being kids," Stiles said. "I guess that's kind of part being forgiven."

Instead of getting worked up about it, Stiles just grabs his can of paint and jumps.

"I kind of enjoy coming out and painting the old frog," he said. 

For more information about The Frog Rock, visit the website or the Frog Rock Christian Camp's Facebook page.