OHP Warns Of Possible Debris In High Oklahoma Lakes

Friday, May 26th 2017, 8:29 pm

The threat of severe weather isn’t the only danger lake goers and campers will face this holiday weekend.

At Redbud Marina, you can't get into the campground because it's full; but at other campgrounds around Oologah Lake, you can't get in because they're closed due to high water.

Redbud Marina's Ashley Buff only knows of two boat ramps open.

"It's just making things a little bit more difficult for people," she said.

If you do get out on the water, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol is warning people to look out for debris after the recent flooding.

Trooper Ryan Griffith said, "We're gonna have to be more vigilant to what's not only on top of the water but also what is submerged under the water."

And with more rain in the forecast, Griffith said many will ask, “’Is it even worth it to even go to the lake?’ That's a decision, that's a choice that everybody's gonna have to make."

Back at Redbud Marina, Buff said there's another concern that has nothing to do with water.

"We're just telling everybody to just watch for ticks basically. That's our main worry in the campground," she said.

You can keep track of which campgrounds and boat ramps are closed here.