Tulsans Rallying For Education Funding Meet With Lawmakers

Tuesday, May 23rd 2017, 10:50 pm
By: News On 6

With just days left until the end of the spring session, Oklahoma lawmakers have yet to fully fund many of the state’s core services.

A group of 70 Tulsans, including parents, teachers and students, went to the capitol Wednesday to rally for education funding.

"To put a human face on an issue that has become highly politicized," teacher Timantha Norman said.

The group, along with the teacher's union, met with as many lawmakers as they could.

Among the group was senior Isaac Stevens, who said he isn’t letting summer vacation slow him down.

Marty: "You went to the capitol today, isn't that like homework?"
Stevens: "Not really because I feel like I was doing something that could help out when I get back to school."

The group hoped to sway votes to adopt reoccurring revenue sources, but as the day unfolded, many like Amy Allen grew frustrated.

Marty: "How did you do?"
Allen: “It was a sad day."
Marty: "It was a sad day?"
Amy: "It was a bad vote."

With her 3-year-old a few years out of attending school in is in a tough spot.

“We're now at a crossroads where we're going to decide if we're going to leave the state or stay in the state,” she said.

She’s praying lawmakers increase the Gross Production Tax on oil and gas to at least five percent to pay for education.

"Oil and gas is part of Oklahoma, but everyone's kids go to school," Allen said.

While she decides to stay or go, Stevens hopes the lack of funding doesn't cause more programs to be cut, like his passion, the arts.

"That's a direct gateway to academics in school. If you have that then you feel fine about going to school," he said.

The Tulsa Classroom Teachers Association will go back to the capitol Wednesday to continue to rally for public education funding. If you want to join them, they leave from their office at 7:00 a.m.