Former Vian Officer Starts New Job At Webbers Falls

Wednesday, May 17th 2017, 6:42 pm
By: Tess Maune

The Oklahoma police officer who resigned - claiming the town she worked for is corrupt - is on the job in another town.

It’s been less than two weeks since Lindsey Green left the Vian Police Department. Now, she has a new job patrolling the streets about 10 miles west in Webbers Falls.

“I'm not gonna change anything,” Green said. “I'm gonna continue being who I am and serve and protect.”

Green resigned from Vian PD, saying politics came into play after she arrested a councilman's son for driving with a suspended license. She said she made the arrest following a tip from another officer.

“City attorney ordered that I drop the ticket and he was released from jail within minutes of being arrested,” Green said.

The town said Green didn't have probable cause to make the arrest because she didn't confirm with dispatch the license was suspended.

In a lengthy statement, the town said in part, "A report that a driver's license was suspended in the past is not enough to justify conducting a traffic stop without verification the license is currently suspended."

Green maintains the arrest was legal.

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Webbers Falls Chief Larry Ruiz said he respects Green for standing up for the law.

“Integrity, ethics...very important here,” Ruiz said.

Ruiz reached out to Green and hired her a few days after she resigned in Vian. He said he can relate to her situation because he worked for Vian PD three years ago.

“I was terminated,” Ruiz said.

He said the town told him he was fired for the "good of the service." Ruiz sued for wrongful termination. The suit claims just before Ruiz was let go he had filed discrimination complaint against the town. It also says Ruiz was investigating a Vian employee for misappropriating money.

Ruiz said he and the town came to “an agreement,” but couldn’t elaborate.

He said that’s in the past and that he’s moved on and is excited to help Green do the same.

“Makes ya feel good knowing there's people that's not gonna look at this in a negative way and there's support out there,” Green said.