Colcord Couple Near North Korean Border During Missile Test

Sunday, May 14th 2017, 10:17 am

A Green Country couple vacationing near the North Korea border was taken by surprise when the country launched a test missile early Sunday morning.

Larry and Lana Hurt of Colcord are vacationing in Seoul, South Korea. Larry Hurt is a Gulf War veteran. 

"It's really been awesome," Larry said. "We love Korea."

While many woke up Sunday morning to learn of the missile launch, it's closer to bedtime for the Hurts. 

CBS News: North Korea fires missile from test site, U.S. officials confirm

The two are having a fun vacation and staying at a U.S. Army base, so they feel very safe. They're traveling experts - trying new food, sight seeing, and up for anything.

"We just go with the flow," Larry said. "So we went to Japan for a week. And then this flight came up to Korea, and I've always wanted to go to Seoul. So we came over here for a week."

The spent time at the DMZ on Saturday, the demilitarized zone that divides North and South Korea. 

"They warn you things you shouldn't do as far as making eye contact with the north Korean soldiers," Larry Hurt said. "Any kind of gestures or anything like that. It's a pretty dangerous place to be because of the landmines and stuff at the DMZ."

The Hurts found out about the missile while staying at the base. 

"It's kinda spooky being here this close," he said. "It was on all the news stations."

Larry and Lana don't have a set time to end their vacation and head back home to Green Country.