VIDEO: Inmate Charged With Assault And Battery For Punching Detention Officer

Tuesday, May 2nd 2017, 11:05 pm
By: News On 6

The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office released video of an inmate assaulting a detention officer inside the jail.

Monday the inmate, Maurece Younger, was charged with assault; the sheriff’s office said he has a history of violence.

The office said the detention officer is okay and only has minor injuries.

Jail cameras are too far away to show the actual altercation, but we do see several detention officers rush to help after the sheriff's office said Younger punched a detention officer.

"Inmate did strike the detention officer in the face, which caused a small cut underneath his eye and bloodied his nose," Deputy Justin Green said.

Green said Younger lunged at a detention officer when he was told to stay in his cell. The detention officer got Younger on the ground and that's when the inmate punched him.

"He has some various history with us, he's been in our facility before," Green said.

In October 2014, Younger was just 16 when he was sentenced for 14 different counts related to robbery, burglary and stolen property.

He served a little over a year in a juvenile detention center and then he paroled.

Court documents show during that time Younger got suspended from Union High School twice and physically fought with his mother.

Still, a Tulsa County judge gave him a five-year deferred sentence.

Then, police arrested Younger again last summer on several different counts related to home invasion burglaries and rape cases.

The sheriff's office said the detention officer followed protocol.

"Being a detention officer does come with its own risks,” Green said. “We do a lot of work to train our detention officers to be professional, to learn to use their mind and their mouth to communicate and solve problems that way."

The district attorney also asked a judge to make Younger serve the five-year deferred sentence.