Cleveland Police Officer, Family Not Letting Death Threat Dictate Life

Friday, April 28th 2017, 6:41 pm

A Cleveland police officer is speaking out after someone threatened to kill him and his family.

The police chief said they got a credible tip a man wanted to have someone blow up the officer's house.

There are no murder plots - even one against an officer - that will stop police patrols in Cleveland.

One officer - whose identity we're protecting for his safety - recently learned someone had put a hit out on him and his family.

“He wanted specifically to take out my family as well as me,” the officer said.

Cleveland’s police chief said a credible tipster reported a man paid another man to build an explosive to blow up the officer’s house while he, his wife and two young children were inside.

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The chief said a former informant made the threat, but couldn’t say why.

The officer said the hardest part was telling his wife, but said she took the news well.

“Her first reaction was, "Okay, how do we handle this? What do we do to take precautions,’ but at the same time, she reiterated, ‘I'm not gonna let someone else dictate our lives through fear,’" the officer said.

Police and the ATF interviewed both men said to be involved and both denied the claims.

No one was arrested because there wasn’t hard evidence that money was exchanged for the murders, which means the men are still on the streets.

But the officer said that won't change the way he lives or protects his city.

“Losing sleep over it is only gonna make you less vigilant in the long run, or to the point where you may actually get a little paranoid, and that's not gonna be helpful to anyone,” the officer said.

The officer has not only installed a new high-tech security system, but the police chief said patrols have been increased in the officer's neighborhood.