TPD Identifies Suspect In Critical Condition After Officer Involved Shooting

Thursday, April 27th 2017, 4:39 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa police officer shot a man near 62nd and Peoria Thursday afternoon.

Police said 36-year-old Charles Day is a suspect in a separate investigation, wanted on a shooting-with-intent-to-kill case from last month.

Marquis Norman said he saw the officer-involved shooting.

"It was the first for me to see police shoot somebody," he said.

Tulsa Police said an officer on patrol recognized Day as a person of interest in another criminal investigation.

Officers say he pulled over Day, who was riding a bike.

Investigators said Day got into a fight with the officer before running. They said the officer tazed Day, but it didn’t work.

Tulsa Police say Day kept running and put his hand on his gun.

"At some point, the individual turned around to the officer with a gun in his hand. The officer fired multiple rounds, at least striking the suspect twice," Officer Leland Ashely said.

Tulsa Police said the officer then rendered first aid.

Both officers and witnesses confirmed Day did not fire any shots.

"He ain't fired no shots at all,” Norman said. “He was just running and the police just shot him."

Day is under arrest for possession of a firearm as he recovers at the hospital.

Police ask people to be patient and to not spread rumors about the officer-involved shooting.

"You have to let the investigation run its course. And what we have to be careful of is an individual who said they saw it when the individual was not here," Ashley said.

Tulsa Police said Day is in critical condition.

The officer hasn’t been identified and will be on paid leave during the investigation.