Mother, Son Want To Meet Good Samaritan Who Saved Them

Wednesday, April 26th 2017, 7:52 pm
By: News On 6

Jacqueline Morris is counting her blessings tonight after a crash left her truck submerged in Lake Sahoma

Both she and her 5-year-old son were trapped inside but they survived thanks to two Good Samaritans.

"Once we hit the water, it was like the dam water coming down on your car, it was just gushing," Morris said. 

Morris was on her way to drop off her son, Gage, at school Wednesday morning when she says a white vehicle pulled out in front of her.

Morris swerved to avoid a crash.

Officers believe that's when the truck swerved off the road, which would've normally been a dry area, but because of spring rains, the lake's water levels have risen, and these few feet of water carried the truck out almost 35 feet from the road.

"Immediately, I start trying to unbuckle him, I was having trouble with the seatbelt because it was already in the water," Morris said. "Got him over the console, by this point, the water is up to here on me."

Morris gets emotional describing the panic that her son felt. 

"He has his head in my neck and he was like, 'Mommy, we're gonna die,'" Morris said. "'Son, we might die,' I said, 'but if we do, we're gonna do it together. But God has other plans and he is gonna protect us.'"

That's the exact moment help came from a man who happened to drive by. 

"All I seen is this guy jump in the water. He never thought twice. He came and he said, 'Son, I've got you. It's okay.' And Gage went right to him," Morris said. 

Morris and her young son walked away from the scene shaken but uninjured and she offers this piece of advice to other drivers braving the roads this spring

"When there is high water, I would recommend, if you know of an alternate route, even though it's not over the road, it still doesn't mean there isn't danger. You still have to watch for others," Morris said.                 

It only takes about two feet of water to move a vehicle. It doesn't matter if your car is an SUV or even a truck. If you see flood water while you are driving, turn around and find another route. 

Morris would like to meet the man who saved her and Gage. If you're the Good Samaritan or you know who he is, email Sawyer Buccy.