Broken Arrow Church Shows Members How To Take Action To Fix Education Budget

Monday, April 24th 2017, 5:11 pm
By: News On 6

Everyone knows there's an education budget crisis; and while many people care deeply about the issue, some find it difficult to take action to fix it.

Oklahoma's budget is in the hole by hundreds of millions - and education is feeling the pressure.

Pastor Kirt Moelling with St. Stephens United Methodist Church said, "There is a tornado, a storm in our education and we aren't taking the steps to prepare and to make the changes that will benefit our kids and communities."

Teacher pay is suffering so much that education advocates said they’re having to get a second job or leave the profession.

And the budget is often so tight that there's not enough money for student school supplies.

"We are a part of a faith that sends us where the hurt is, and the hurt in our community and in our state has been in education," Moelling said.

Moelling and his congregation are doing something to help the education crisis by providing resources to help people take action.

"Caring is good, but unless we act it's meaningless," he said.

Traci Gardner is helping spearhead the effort.

On Sunday, the church provided action stations ranging from calling and leave a voicemail with your representative, writing a letter and what to include, and how to join the Facebook town hall.

Anyone can find and use the information.

"It's not just going to stop here. Once they walk out of the door, hopefully, they'll share that information with friends, neighbors, colleagues, coworkers," Gardner said.

She said take action, but don't forget the educators who make so much happen while working with so little.

"Write a few words saying we care about you, we support you," she said.