Broken Arrow Woman's Purse Stolen While Decorating Father's Grave

Wednesday, April 12th 2017, 8:21 pm
By: News On 6

While a woman and her family were decorating her father's grave for Easter, they had no idea that criminals were just a few feet away.

"We were back by the woods," said the theft victim, Teresa. 

Teresa, her mother and two other family members visited Teresa's father's grave last Saturday afternoon. He passed two years ago from ALS and loved holidays, so they're keeping up that tradition for him.

As they were putting up Easter decorations, Teresa briefly thought about her purse in her unlocked car, but then dismissed it.

"Oh, I'm at a cemetery on a dead end road, it's okay," she said. 

But, someone took it, forcing her to take off work to get a new bank account, new credit cards, new driver's license and it's cost her dearly.

"They had keys to my house so had to get my house re-keyed - $250. I lost my husband's key F.O.B. to his truck and mine. His was $290 dollars," Teresa said. 

Police sent out a surveillance picture of a woman using one of Teresa's stolen credit cards. Teresa said it's not even the money or hassle, but those items that can't be replaced 

"I have a very dear friend who passed away at 31. I keep her little memorial book, even had it laminated because it's worn. I've always carried that in my purse and I'll never get that back," she said. 

As Memorial Day approaches, Teresa wants to warn others, this can happen anywhere.

Because there are about 500 car break-ins a month in the Tulsa area, the safest thing to do, no matter where you are is take your purse with you, lock your door and then go take care of your business.