New Sheriff Appointed In Nowata County

Wednesday, April 5th 2017, 8:57 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Nowata County has a new Sheriff.

Sheriff Sandy Hadley was sworn in Wednesday morning two to one in Nowata. With a smile on her face and a positive attitude, the first female appointed Sheriff says she's ready for any challenges that are thrown her way.

"I have the training,” said Sheriff Hadley. “I have it in my heart to make things better, I have worked with the offenders or what have you for many, many years, so I have the experience.”

With an extensive law enforcement background, she said she's ready to deal with the at times stressful job.

She also stated she's treated no differently because she's a woman.

Sheriff Hadley comes into the position after several sheriff’s office officials recently resigned, including former Sheriff Rick Miller.

Just recently, another person was appointed but was unable to take it because he did not live in the county.

"I came into today to the most positive atmosphere,” said the Sheriff. “I was expecting maybe a little bit of negativity or how are we going to do this, but that's not at all when I came into.”

Sheriff Hadley says there are some challenges that lie ahead including the budget.

She's lived in the county for 11 years and said she’s no stranger to the stresses of the job.

County Commissioner Doug Sonenberg voted in favor this morning.

"She has a very positive attitude,” said Sonenberg. “She is going to be excellent for this county, knows how to work with everyone and I think it's going to be a positive influence for Nowata County.”

Sheriff Hadley said she wants to work together with the community and other law-enforcement entities.

"This county deserves to feel safe,” she said. “We come together because were small, but we're gonna be a force and we're going to work together and we're going to do the best thing for everyone involved.”

As stated above, Sheriff Hadley is the first female appointed sheriff, but here’s a fun fact: there were actually two other female Sheriffs took over their husband's jobs in the 1930s.

Sheriff Hadley will serve until the next election.