Wagoner County Man Who Shot, Killed Intruders 'Acted Within His Rights'

Monday, April 3rd 2017, 6:24 pm

The Wagoner County district attorney ruled the man who shot and killed three teenagers who broke into his home won’t be charged because the shooting was justified.

The decision was easy, according to the DA's office, after determining the burglars had weapons and were inside the house when they were shot.

Sheriff Chris Eliot said the investigation found the homeowner acted within his rights and the death of three teenagers is the result of their own bad decisions.

“These individuals chose to go to this house, they chose to break into the house, they chose to forcibly enter this house, and because of those decisions, they lost their life,” he said.

The man who fired the shots, Zach Peters, won't face any charges after the DA officially ruled the shooting justified.

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First District Attorney Jack Thorp said, “It is the opinion of this office that Zachary Peters acted justifiably and in accordance with his rights as an Oklahoma citizen when he used deadly force to defend his home from the first-degree burglary.”

Deputies said the burglars wore all black, gloves and masks - one had brass knuckles and another one a knife.

While the homeowner was cleared, the woman who admitted to being the getaway driver, Elizabeth Rodriguez, was charged with three counts of murder - though she told Lori Fullbright she doesn't think that's right.

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"I understand the concept of why they're charging me but do I think it's right, no," she said.

Investigators said Rodriguez's jailhouse interviews helped clear up some details of the crime and they're still checking reports the group was casing other houses in the area.

Deputies searched Rodriguez's car and found liquor and electronics taken from the Peters house the first time the burglars were there, about 15 minutes before the shooting.

Police also said a 15-year-old girl was in the back seat of Rodriguez's car during the burglary. She's a witness detectives have interviewed, but they won't say if she might face charges.

Rodriguez was also charged with shoplifting. She’s accused of stealing meat from a Walmart; you can read more details below.