'Think Before You Act' Urges Grandfather Of Teen Killed In Wagoner County

Thursday, March 30th 2017, 11:39 pm
By: News On 6

An emotional grandfather of one of the three teens shot and killed as they broke into a Wagoner County home Monday is speaking out.

Jacob Redfearn's grandfather, Leroy Schumacher, said he’s desperate for answers about why his grandson died.

Monday's break-in and shooting has devastated many families involved. As they cope with the outcome, Schumacher is worried things might get overlooked if there is a rush to judgment.

"Yes I'm grieving, but I'm not the only family that's grieving here," he said. "These boys didn't think about dying, they made a bad decision and they died because of it. Think before you act."

Redfearn, Schumacher’s grandson, along with two other teens broke into a Wagoner County home Monday and were shot and killed by a man who lived there.

“I'm sure if they thought 'Hey, we could get killed,' they wouldn't have done it," Schumacher said.

The grandfather said he's not trying to vindicate Redfearn, but he is desperate to make sure all stories, including the shooter’s, match the outcome.

"I do not condone what these boys have done in any way shape or form," Schumacher said. "Because if he [the shooter] used excessive force, he went above and beyond that law."

Schumacher believes all three boys didn't have to die, pointing to what he calls inconsistencies in the shooter's 911 call, where he tells dispatch he shot two inside the house, but a third teen was found shot outside.

"Did he chase him out of the house and shoot him outside," Schumacher asked.

While he wants all details to come out, Schumacher's overcome with anger towards Elizabeth Rodriguez - the alleged mastermind behind the crime.

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"How cold can a person be to do something like that," he said.

He’s upset she left the teens knowing they were shot.

"As far as I'm concerned, she's scum," Schumacher said.

Struggling to cope with the loss of his grandson, he hopes others don't make the same mistake.

"These kids have got to think before they do stupid stuff, and maybe that will, maybe this will help," Schumacher said.

So far, only Rodriguez has been arrested for her connection as the getaway driver and mastermind of the crime - she has yet to be formally charged.